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Solano Contra Costa Food Bank Vounteer
World Central Kitchen Volunteer
Neighborhood Cleanup Painting
Meals on Wheels
National Night Out

Community Service

Neighborhood Cleanup

     Working with residents and a wide variety of volunteers, the COV Connect program was started to make a difference in specific neighborhoods.   Thanks to great work from Fire Marshall, Jill Childers, neighbors are contacted, and initial work is done in advance of the big Saturday workday.   Fences are repaired or replaced.  Trees are pruned or removed. Lawns are mowed, reseeded, or given a new look with bark or rock.  Decks or porches are repaired and painted.  Junk is removed. Wylie has enjoyed being part of the team working during these clean-up events and getting to know residents and city workers.  It is amazing what a difference it makes when willing people of all ages from across town pitch in to give back to neighborhoods just needing a little love.  

Feeding the Hungry

  • Vacaville residents are very generous with their time and resources so people who may not have a meal can be fed.   Wylie works with her church group to provide meals for almost 100 people once a month at Epiphany Church downtown.

  •  Our Meals on Wheels organization, along with dedicated volunteers, makes sure that people have food delivered on a regular basis.  Groups like this depend on monetary contributions so drivers who show up each week will have lunches to deliver.

  • VACA Fish and the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano also provide help to people in need.   And they depend on the generous donations of others.

Police “ride-alongs”    

Since serving on the Council, Wylie has been eager to learn more about the work of our Vacaville Police force.   She has spent time riding along with officers during different shifts to engage in conversation and observe our officers using high-tech communication tools to do their work.  Routine stops, unexpected chases, weapons, domestic violence, drugs, injuries, accidents, shoplifting, patrolling neighborhoods, and offering services to homeless people were all part of what Wylie observed.  While generally available to members of the public before the pandemic, now “ride-alongs” are much more limited.

Blood Bank

      Some community service can be done as an individual rather than a group. Wylie believes in helping others and being of service and has been a regular blood donor for years.   She encourages all who can give blood through a local blood drive or blood bank. You may never know how many people you are helping.   

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