Keeping Busy in District 6

Town Hall

Jeanette Wylie ran for City Council in 2020 to be the Voice for South Vacaville so that input from residents south of Alamo and east of Peabody would be heard.  In November 2021, residents attended a District 6 Town Hall to “Be Informed and Share YOUR Voice”.   There were informative presentations from the Fire Department related to Code Compliance; from the Finance Department about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA); and from the City Clerk’s Office about Redistricting based on the 2020 Census data.  Wylie then sought ideas from residents about what they would like to see in District 6.   Many comments centered on the recent Neighborhood Cleanup across town and residents asked for similar types of help.  Based on resident input, Wylie begin planning a way to make that happen.

Spring Spruce Up Day

Wylie, along with Rica Guidry, Program Manger in the City Manager’s Office, Recology, and many dedicated volunteers carried out a successful Spring Spruce Up Day in April 2022.  Six huge debris bins were located at spots across District 6 and neighbors were able to clear out items from their garage, house, or yard which were no longer needed.   Some items were still in good shape and found new homes rather than ending up at the landfill.   Almost 22.4 TONS of unwanted items were cleared out of District 6!

Park Walks

Knowing your neighbors and communicating with others is a key component of a safe and healthy neighborhood.  Wylie has participated in a neighborhood walk around the park to talk with residents and answer questions about landscaping, streets, current construction, and park amenities.   Another meeting later in the park included some of our Police officers who answered questions and listened to concerns about traffic issues, speeding, and the need for crosswalks.  We were also pleased to have a Parks and Rec Commissioner and a Planning Commissioner participate and hear from our residents.   District 6 also has several active Neighborhood Associations and Wylie enjoyed visiting with residents during National Night Out.