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Jeanette Wylie, long time resident of south Vacaville, is seeking re-election to a seat on the City Council for District 6.    Wylie wants to continue representing the residents living south of Alamo Drive and east of Peabody Road and believes the seven member City Council structure improves the decision-making process in Vacaville.  Increasing the number of Council members from five to seven allows the input of residents from all areas of Vacaville to be considered when decisions are being made.

Issues important to Wylie are those which are priorities for many citizens.  Safety, affordable housing, quality education, transparency in government, solutions for homelessness, and economic security will all be items on the table.   Wylie understands the importance of economic development and knows that good jobs with good wages enhance a community's quality of life.  We must recognize the effects the pandemic has had on Vacaville.  A well-functioning and independent-thinking council is essential to find creative public policy solutions to address those challenges.  Vacaville needs a cohesive City Council to work together to be a full-service city that provides for all our citizens.  

Jeanette Wylie has lived in south Vacaville since moving from Missouri to California in 1991.  Recently retired from teaching in the Travis School District, Wylie taught at Cambridge and Foxboro schools which are in District 6.  She also taught military students at Center School when it was part of the Travis Air Force Base, and later when the boundary was moved so the school served students primarily from Gold Ridge.  Wylie is committed to providing a positive healthy environment for raising our youth and supports the work of the Vacaville Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club and the Vacaville Youth Roundtable.  

In addition to teaching, Wylie led the Travis Unified Teachers Association for eight years, serving as Union President in the difficult years during the recession.  Decisions and sacrifices had to be made to avoid a state takeover.   Communication, negotiation, strategic use of resources, balancing budgets, and other skills from her time as a teacher leader, helped prepare her for work with Residents, Councilmembers, City staff, and City employees.  For a city to be successful, it is essential to have open communication with Vacaville city government and our dedicated employees.   Residents want to be able to purchase a home and raise a family in a safe community with amenities that add to everyone's quality of life. 

Married to Glenn Wylie, a retired research biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey who worked at the Dixon Field Station, the couple has two adult children who both attended TUSD schools and graduated from Vanden High School. 

Wylie’s first run at a city seat was successful and she has served since the  November 2020 election.  With the new Council structure, Districts 2, 4, and 6 had two year terms and Districts, 1, 3, and 5 had four year terms.  In other Leadership capacities, Wylie was elected to a seat on the Solano County Democratic Central Committee in March of 2020 and is finishing her second term as Secretary.    Wylie is also active in her church and recently served as the President of the Congregational Steering Team at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.  Prior to that, Wylie and her husband were founding members of the Covenant Community Church as it was being formed and raising funds to build their church campus within District 6.  These leadership roles are part of the reason Jeanette Wylie was selected as a 2020 Woman of the Year for Solano County by Congressman John Garamendi.

Jeanette Wylie will continue to listen to all sides of an issue during the decision-making process.  She is a thoughtful, independent thinker who works to serve residents in District 6 as their voice on the Vacaville City Council. She has a history of working collaboratively to solve problems and is driven to find the best solution through a transparent process. 

Wylie is actively seeking your vote for re-election in November and encourages all citizens to exercise their right to VOTE.

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