A Voice for South Vacaville

I'm Jeanette Wylie and I'm running to retain my seat on the Vacaville City Council in the District 6.  I was elected in November 2020 to represent the residents south of Alamo and east of Peabody.  On our 7-member Council, I work hard to keep informed of issues affecting Vacaville and especially their impact on District 6.  Through virtual meetings in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, I have listened to all sides of each issue, received feedback from residents, and voted after careful consideration.  Now during meetings in the Council Chambers, I continue to be prepared by reading the Agenda materials prior to the meeting, listening to input from residents, fellow Councilmembers, and staff.  Then I weigh all sides prior to voting for what I think will be the best for District 6 AND the city of Vacaville.

     Residents in District 6 want a full-service city with neighborhood parks, affordable housing, transportation routes that accommodate increased building and great schools.  I have been actively involved with groups across Vacaville and attended events to learn more about all aspects of our town.

     Our city government must be open, transparent, and responsive to the needs of our citizens.  We must attract and retain businesses which add value to our residents and provide well-paying jobs for our residents.  We need a variety of housing with price points that are attainable to the workforce, young families, and seniors.  I'm asking for you to Vote Wylie for City Council in November--or earlier on your Absentee Ballot. 

I am ready to continue serving you.



Congressman Mike Thompson

Senator Bill Dodd

Jeanie White, President Northern Solano Democratic Club

Richard White

Marj Kelly

Tiffanee Jones

Alice Fried, Author

Dr. Bonnie Hamilton

Dana Dean, Solano Co. Board of Education Trustee Area 3

Shari Herout

Jade Staples

Laurie Munoz

Julie Kekoa, Retired TUSD Teacher

Nancy Adams, Retired TUSD Teacher

Sharon Hafez, Retired TUSD Teacher

Gary Craig, Former TUSD Board Member

Riitta DeAnda, TUSD Board Member

Ted Bynum

Nolan Sullivan, Vacaville Council Member

Margie Olson, Chair SCDCC

Karyl Hendrick

Tom Bilbo, Board Chair Solano Pride Center

Mary Abell Woo

David Woo

Kathy Doisy

Matt Knowlton

Christina Palmer

Mary Vasquez

Kelly Welsh

Joan Marquand-Willse

Robert Willse

Chris Holmes

Lou Barela

Richard Barela

Cathy Wylie

Bruce Wylie

Anna Winkenbach

Bryan Winkenbach

Brent Hampy

Connie Hampy

Michael Hampy

Ranelle Hampy